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IT Outsourcing: A third of businesses do it and here’s why

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What is IT outsourcing? It is basically the term which is refered to when a business use an external company to manage their IT infrastructure. Fully managed IT support companies will take full control of all IT related maintenance, support and consultancy. A luxury for a business to outsource their IT to a fully managed services provider is often the feature of recieving 24/7 managed support. Additionally, a lot of companies tend to outsource their IT to save costs from hiring a team of IT experts. 

What services can be outsourced?

Most services can be outsourced, including:

The list can go on!

The luxury of outsourcing your IT is that you can receive solutions from experts at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring an IT professional in house.

Examples of successful IT Outsourcing

If you are a business owner then think about this for a second: Is there any areas in your business that you feel would benefit from an IT team which could alleviate stress or drive success? In most experiances the answer would be yes. Whether it is simplifying your remote management system, improving your broadband or making sure your day to day workings is done in a safe enviroment. Here a real life example of the effectiveness of outsourcing your IT:

The Norfolk Arms Hotel, Arundel

The Norfolk Arms Hotel is one of the largest independant hotels in Sussex set in the heart of Arundel. Before partnering with ATS Connection they were struggling with day to day issues causing stress and a much less work productivity levels. They didn’t have a secure cloud file storage in place which was making sharing files and collaborating extremely hard.

Now that they have partnered withATS, they have reassurance that they can contact us for any issues that arrive. With a secure, user friendly interface cloud file storage, secure award winning antivirus and fully managed Cyber Security they have found they have more time and less IT stress allowing them to focus on the work they are planning to do with no interruptions.

Outsourced vs in-house IT solutions

Having the right expertise in technology has a huge impact on the day to day runnings of businesses, you just need it at your disposal.

The alternative to outsourcing your IT would be to hire an in-house IT manager and/or IT technicians. If they are right for the role and have the relevent experiances and knowledge, this will most likely alleviate IT problems and boost productivity. However, a downside to this is that it could be extremely time consuming and costly in comparison to outsourcing your IT. As IT is a complex and specialised area you will need to be prepared to pay for the latest training for your staff so they can keep up to date with the IT world. 

Outsourcing your IT, including your cyber security, on the other hand will defeat all of the problems mentioned above. Choosing a reliable IT provider means they will constantly be up to date with the latest trends and industry developments. At ATS Connection, we take the time to get to know your business and it’s specific needs, so you can expect a fully tailored IT infrastructure.

Why should I consider IT Outsourcing?

Gain the support of an experienced, proactive team

Your IT partner’s up to date industry knowledge will be invaluable when it comes to solving your business issues, streamlining processes, maximising security and growing your business

Control your costs

Outsourcing your IT will enable you to establish a clear technology roadmap, outlining budgets, projections and costs over the next few years, ensuring you have no nasty surprises.

Focus on your core business

Less time worrying about ongoing IT issues, means more time spent focusing on business strategy and growth.

Reduce Risk

Outsourcing your IT will open the door to a multitude of cyber security expertise, meaning that you’ll gain the best insight into how to protect your business from all forms of security threats.

Leverage expertise

Access to technological expertise will assist you with the planning and strategy of your overall business goals, helping your business to get ahead of the competition

Boost productivity

Reliable 24/7 IT support from IT experts will reduce downtime and ensure your team can work more efficiently.

Choosing an IT company

In such a competitive market, finding the right IT company for you can be a complicated process. Asking others if they know of a good company is a good start and can kick start your search. 

When choosing your next IT company, here is a list to consider:

Not ‘one size fits all’

You need an IT company who doesn’t see you as the same as everyone else. Businesses need different levels of support and the IT company needs to adapt accordingly. 


Business IT support provider who does as they say in a suitable time frame is important for your business.

Industry knowledge

Finding an IT company who has the experience and knowledge will give you a great benefit.


Make sure they listen to your needs and act accordingly, suggesting ideas to align with your business.

Promising response to COVID-19

Covid 19 has effected every business, but finding an IT company who was supportive to their clients throughout the pandemic. This will tell you a lot about the company.

Talking plain and simple

Sometimes IT companies can talk in terminology that confuses you, make sure they speak in the language of a non-IT person so that you can understand them.

To make sure you find best IT partner for you, look out for evidence of exceptional service. This could be in the format of Case Studies, testimonials, Facebook Review and Google Business Reviews. Make sure they dont just offer great support but also high quality customer service as after all, this is one of the most important factors of any company.

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