5 reasons to outsource your cyber security

Can you afford not to invest in cuber security? In this article we discuss 5 reasons why you should outsource your cyber security.

For the majority of businesses, maintaining a solid security position is a significant challenge. All businesses are at risk of becoming victims of the advanced cyberattacks that are growing more prevalent. Businesses often use new technologies that concentrate on prevention, detection, and remediation to lower this risk. 

But this technology alone won’t stop a cyberattack; it needs to be used by knowledgeable security experts. To make sure their business is as secure as possible, many companies opt to outsource this to a reliable third party. This post will go over 5 reasons for outsourcing cyber security by businesses.

Access to cyber security experts

Many businesses rely on their internal departments to manage both their infrastructure and cyber security. This can be a daunting endeavour, leading to a weak security posture and a stressed-out workforce, depending on the size of the business and the workload of the IT department. 

This is made worse by the fact that there is now a scarcity of cybersecurity professionals, which makes it challenging for organisations to hire them.

A business has access to a group of cyber security experts when they outsource their cybersecurity to a reliable third party. 

Their expertise guarantees that they will be able to precisely identify and address weaknesses in a business’s security set up, and most significantly, they are knowledgeable about the most recent cyberthreats and the most effective defences against them.

Reduced costs

Employing a new security specialist or retraining existing staff may be very expensive for businesses of all sizes. 

It might be challenging to justify hiring someone specifically for security for smaller businesses. A business will still have to pay for cyber security solutions in addition to the expense of hiring or training personnel. 

While the cost of outsourcing a business’s cybersecurity is often a fixed monthly sum that covers the technology as well as access to the team of cyber security experts.

Anytime a business weighs the expense of outsourcing security, they should also take into account the typical cost of a cyberattack because this can help determine the return on investment.

Decrease workload

If your business has internal IT staff, there’s a good chance they’re already swamped with support requests and managing the IT infrastructure. 

They frequently end up having insufficient time to focus on finding the ideal security solution or monitoring threats once the solution has been put in place. 

When cybersecurity is outsourced, a third-party supplier is in charge of the solution’s strategy, execution, and monitoring. As a result, internal IT departments have more time to devote to developing IT solutions that advance the company and enhance the experiences of both customers and other employees.

Improved incident response time

It is essential for a business to act swiftly after being the target of an attack to limit further damage and downtime. An internal IT team might not be aware of a cybercriminal entering a network or system over the weekend until Monday am. 

The threat actor will have enough time as a result to migrate laterally via a network and cause greater harm. For instance, Russian nation-state hackers can penetrate a network in under 18 minutes.

Numerous cybersecurity service providers provide protection, detection, and remediation around-the-clock to guarantee that, once an assault happens, someone is prepared to act quickly. 

Additionally, it is less expensive than hiring an internal crew to work on the weekends and through the evenings to provide round-the-clock security.

More advanced technologies

Numerous cyber security technologies, such as endpoint protection, email protection, autonomous detection, and many more, are made to perform particular tasks. 

Because it would be too expensive and time-consuming to provide training for every available option, an internal IT staff would not have experience with all of these cutting-edge technology. 

If a business outsources their cyber security requirements, it will be protected by a team of experts with knowledge of a variety of cutting-edge cybersecurity tools. This team will be able to reliably provide insights into which technologies are worthwhile for a business to invest in.

Looking to outsource your Cyber Security?

The importance of investing into security is vital. With more advanced threats happening each day, can you afford not to?