Dedicated Leased Lines with ATSnet

Allowing businesses to have access to fast, reliable and secure ethernet connectivity. Meeting your businesses demands on a daily bases with no compromise

Fast speeds. No sharing. 100% availability.

ATS’s Leased Line. Unrivalled reliability, uncompromised speeds.

For businesses that want a connection that goes beyond broadband, Our leased line is the most reliable option. And it’s all yours, no sharing. At whatever time of day, no matter what you’re doing, enjoy equally fast upload and download speeds. Whether you’re sending and receiving large files, hosting servers, using your connection for phone and video, or using Cloud applications like Microsoft 365 or Azure, our leaded line delivers unparalleled speeds.

Find the right Leased Line for you

ATS Connection’s business leased lines provide the ultimate internet experience! Show casing upload and download speeds of up to 10Gbps ensuring your business has the quickest of speeds at all times.




ex vat | 60 months | no installation fee | T&Cs apply.

Download Speed – 50 Mbps

Upload Speed – 50 Mbps

Data – Unlimited

Dedicated speeds

Installation in 6 weeks

100% target availability SLA

ATSnet premium



ex vat | 60 months | no installation fee | T&Cs apply.

Download Speed – 100 Mbps

Upload Speed – 100 Mbps

Data – Unlimited

Dedicated and flexible speeds

Range of circuit sizes up to 10Gbps

100% target availability SLA

Choosing the right leased line for you

Step 1 – The right fit

Get our full Ethernet leased line solution with ATSnet premium. Or choose ATSnet for smaller businesses

Step 2 – Your need for speed

Choose your circuit speed of 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps with ATSnet Premium. Or up to 100Mbps with ATSnet. And as your business grows, increase your leased line speed. It grows with you.

Step 3 – Let us help

Speak to a BT leased line expert, at a time that suits you. Just request a call back to discover how a leased line could power your business.

Choosing ATS Connection


Offering bespoke packages for our clients.

Lightning fast speed

Super-fast connectivity on our dedicated leased lines

Save cost

We simply won’t be beaten on prices!

“ATS Connection really do have their clients interest at heart. Brilliant customer service and great products. I would recommend them to everyone!”

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