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Broadband options

Fibre broadband



Lightening fast fibre broadband that keeps up with todays modern internet demand

SoGEA broadband



A next-generation broadband with reliability like never before.

FTTP broadband



Game changing speeds with connections being 25x faster that standard fibre.

Leased lines



10Gbps of speed dedicated to your business. Resulting in the UK’s best ever internet connection.

Mobile Broadband



Perfect for those rural areas where a standard internet connection is insufficient

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Fibre broadband

Fibre broadband is a popular choice for businesses of a smaller size due to the accessibility across the UK.

Although next-generation of broadband is here, traditional broadband is still a strong option.

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SoGEA broadband

SoGEA is a next-generation broadband which is one of the most reliable connections available.

Gearing up for the 2025 ISDN switch off, SoGEA drops the phone line expense and creates a simple connection.

FTTP (fibre to the property

FTTP is rolling out across the UK! With an ultra fast, ultra reliable connection your business can connect like never before.

No matter the time or day, FTTP won’t let you down.

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Leased line

A dedicated internet connection that extends all the way into your building ensuring constant speed.

A leased line is the ultimate internet connection and ideal for a business which demands the fastest connection possible.

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Mobile broadband

A perfect alternative for those businesses or homes in rural areas.

ATS Connection offer a range of 4G broadband business packages that can help do more.

Your current connection

Use this speed test tool to test your current connection and compare with potential speeds we could offer.

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Switching your broadband provider has never been easier than with ATS Connection. We will take care of everything on your behalf, saving you time and trouble. Assuring that the transaction runs smoothly with minimal delay or interruptions.

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  • Built-on broadband security
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