Utilising Remote Management & Monitoring for Businesses

What is RMM?

Remote Monitoring and Management software is one of the most useful and important software programs that we use as an IT company.

It lets us support our clients wherever we are, and wherever they are.

RMM allows us to support our clients faster and address problems with minimal user interruption. Support-wise, RMM allows us to remotely control the computer, we can see the screen and perform inputs such as typing. This means we don’t have to always go on-site to resolve an issue, reducing callout charges.

More than a remote

RMM does so much more than just letting us control a computer. We can completely review the workings of the computer such as how hard certain components are working, storage space, fan speed, heat generated, and more. With this information we’re alerted to problems before something can go critically wrong, we can take actions to stop an issue progressing.

Scripts and Automation

Scripts and automation give us more time to focus on the important things. We can set certain alerts and severity scaling to warrant appropriate scripts. Usually used on low to medium scale alerts an automatic response can be made, scripts can be sent and run through the RMM to fix small issues.

We run scheduled thorough audits on many of the devices we cover to scan for problems where we can then take action based on the output. Security audits are also performed via script deployment, which return detailed security reports.

Quick jobs are also very helpful in performing pre-written scripts, this can let us administer patches and updates without interruption. We can also install some apps, which makes deploying software over a large company much quicker.


Polices can be applied globally or to certain sites, depending on how managed a company wants their devices. Policies can also be configured with scripts and automation, some companies may always require a certain software in their devices. With policies, software can automatically be downloaded and kept up to date if it were removed or if a new device was added.

Policies are also great for making sure that software programs and operating systems are up-to-date, improving the security of devices and their performance.


When requested by the client or needed by us, reports globally or per site can be generated and give us an outline of;

  • Usage over a period of time.
  • Current status of installed software programs and versions.
  • Storage capacity.
  • Average lifespan of the device.

Want more control over your business IT system?

ATS Connection can offer your business fully and partially managed IT Support. All our retainer business clients are enrolled to our RMM software, so there’s no extra costs. We always stay proactive with our clients systems, and RMM makes that easier and more precise.