One in five homes can get full fibre broadband

More than one in five UK homes can now access faster, full-fibre broadband, according to new figures published by Ofcom.

Ofcom’s latest Connected Nations data highlights broadband and mobile coverage across the UK and its nations.

As of January this year, around six million UK homes (21%) could get full-fibre broadband – up from 18% in September last year. Broadband delivered over full-fibre networks is faster and more reliable than the decades-old copper connections that most people still use.

There has also been a significant increase in the availability of gigabit-capable connections. This includes broadband delivered over full fibre networks and the fastest cable technology. 11 million homes (37%) can now get gigabit-capable services – up from around 8 million (27%) last September.

Availability of superfast broadband remains at 96% and mobile coverage has remained stable. Mobile coverage is set to increase across the UK as companies continue to roll out a Shared Rural Network.