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5 Things that a small business should know about WiFi

Buying a WiFi solution from your business can be complicated, but here’s 5 things that you should know to help you make the right decision for your business in terms of the most practical broadband solution.

1. Number of users

You should consider how many users are going to be on your WiFi network before anything else. Whether it’s just staff or staff and customers, your WiFi should be able to uphold their requirements and stay reliable, even with everyone connected. A slow internet connection can result in slower speeds, leading to less productivity.

2. Number of routers

Routers, also known as access points (APs), are an important factor in any business WiFi solution. Having the right number of APs is important because it will ensure that you have good, reliable coverage across your premises. If you have a large building or hotel, the chances are you are going to need multiple AP’s around the building to ensure a good coverage around the building with no drop out points.

3. Coverage 

Coverage is another important factor when considering a new WiFi solution. Ask yourself how much of your premises you need covered? Is there an outside area? Do you have outbuildings or larger offices that may require multiple APs? Knowing this will help your broadband provider set up the best broadband system for you, covering all areas you need internet signal.

4. Guest network

Some businesses may require a guest network, alongside their staff network. If this is the case, you may need more broadband lines, or even a leased line, to keep up with the high demand of guest network. A guest network allows you to separate the private network to run on its own channel, meaning a more secure line. You can also then prioritise the bandwidth accordingly ensuring the private wifi has most of the power.

5. Login pages

A common use of WiFi is to gather email addresses for marketing purposes. This can be done using a bespoke guest WiFi solution from ATS Connection. It enables you to provide a login page for guests to help you gather data for marketing.

Knowing the answer to these 5 points will allow you to receive the most productive fibre broadband solution for your business. The team here at ATS Connection will help you answer these questions to allow us to supply you with the most cost-effective way of generating the best results. Call our broadband team now on 01903 357002 or visit our fibre broadband packages.

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