IT Solutions for Akkadian

ATS Connection have been contracted in to manage the sensitive nature of Akkadians IT


Akkadian International Ltd offers safety and security solutions designed to enhance the impact and success of international corporations, agencies, governments and companies operating in post-conflict, conflict and conventional markets


Due to the nature of Akkadian, we had to ensure all operations were extremely secure and managed at all times.

A challenge that we knew we had to work around is that employees work all over the world and different times. Meaning we had to implement a strict system to ensure there were no slip ups.

But at ATS Connection, security is one of our expertise.


The solution contained of multiple services carried out by our IT experts. Breaking the solution down into the following components:

  1. Antivirus installation & management – We installed our award winning antivirus software, powered by ESET, onto each machine. This is managed 24/7 by our industry leading software, constantly working blocking all types of threats.
  2. Webinar – We held a cyber security webinar for all staff members to explain the best practices, what to look out for and the procedure they must follow if the have any concerns.
  3. Cyber management – We manage all sensitive data and our the only party to allocate file access, which has to be done via 2FA, to new or current members of staff. All cyber security policies are kept up to date and sent out to all staff members on renewal so they are kept informed of changes.

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