Our award winning security at Brighton College

Ensuring that computers remain virus free when they are used by hundreds of children everyday to surf the web, collect email and plug-in a myriad of storage devices is just the sort of challenge that has given our Cyber Security services its enviable reputation.


Brighton College is one of England’s leading independent co-educational schools for children aged 3 to 18.

Situated in the heart of the city, the three schools that make up the College enjoy an enviable reputation for offering its students a challenging, yet rewarding education.

“Obviously virus protection is extremely important to us. Children are very technology savvy, they bring in memory sticks and all other types of portable storage devices to plug into the machines. Their initial thoughts may not necessarily be for the integrity of the network and whether they might have accidentally brought in a piece of malicious software, so we need to ensure that our preventative measures are the best available.”


Computers naturally play an important part of academic life within the College, but like any other organisation the machines also present a point of entry for malicious attack. With a large number of users, keeping track and making sure that nothing is accidentally let loose onto a computer or the network is a constant task says Wayne Govier, network manager of Brighton College explains.

Wayne found Brighton College’s previous antivirus system was unnecessarily complex in areas where it should be intuitive and he found himself using workarounds and manufacturer supplied batch files to perform simple tasks and also found it extremely heavy on system memory resources. In the end, he spent so much time managing the system that when the licence came up for renewal, Wayne researched the market to see what other vendors had to offer.


The light footprint means that it does not hog the memory and its fast real-time processing lets users enjoy their computer safely, without being slowed down by the antivirus function. As Wayne Govier discovered, Our Endpoint Antivirus comes out top in most independent group reviews and has been credited with more Virus Bulletin 100% Awards than any other antivirus product.

“I find the management console very intuitive and hardly need to refer to the manual at all. It is also very flexible in its use and every aspect is clearly laid out. When we first changed over to Endpoint Antivirus we had the entire product installed and rolled out onto the network in no time at all problem free. Since then we’ve not had much to do with it. The product manages itself more or less and I receive email alerts should there be any queries or a problem.”

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