IT Solutions for Drummond Board Advisory

A global company with employees based between the UK and America.

Matt working for ATS Connection


Drummond Board Advisory are a financial advisory firm which has offices around the United Kingdom and as far abroad as America.

Utilising an IT infrastructure which has been in place many of years which as been causing issues with work and communication.

After calling ATS Connection we put a plan in place to combat all the issues they were experiencing.


The biggest challenge we faced was ensuring those working abroad received the same level of support as those in the UK. With different time zones in place it was a potential issue which was not taking lightly due to our high level of service we offer.

Another issue we were facing was the vast amount of data stored which needed to be transferred to a new cloud based set up. We needed to make sure the client wasn’t without their files and that work could carry on as normal.

Being in the financial sector also meant we had to take a deep look into the security of the hardware. Financial sectors are being hit hard when it comes to cyber crime as their is a lot of sensitive data a hacker could get hold of.

” From the very first moment we spoke with ATS we felt at ease and confident that we were in good hands. 6 months later we know we made one of the best business decisions we have made.”

David Boden – CEO


The first port of call, as with any project, is to take a secure back up of all the data stored for safety measures. We then set up a bespoke cloud storage system that allows easy management for files and data. This allowed those working abroad to access the same data, with live changes and a secure connection.

To combat the issue we had with those working abroad in a different time zone completely to us, such as America, we installed remote management softwares which monitor devices 24/7. This allows us to intercept an issue before it even arises and remote into the machine from anywhere in the world.

As security was of great concern, we installed our award winning antivirus and increased their cyber security as a whole. This ensured that working in countries like America allowed for the same security for those working locally in the UK.

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