12 Benefits of a VOIP phone system

The benefits of a VOIP phone sytem over traditional phone systems are drastic. Near enough every business will greatly benefit from implementing this communication technology. We have compiled 12 benefits from using a VoIP set up below:

1. Lower costs

One of the main reasons businesses transfer over to a VoIP system is the savings in costs. There are only so many phone lines you can install before costs quickly add up with a traditional phone system, especially if you make long distance calls.

With VoIP systems, the communication data is modified into data packets and sent over the IP netowork, meaning the issue of a single phone line being able to be utilised by only two callers is eliminated. This allows you to have many different phones all running of the same number. 

Traditional phone lines tend to charge for each minute of call time, where as with VoIP phones you can pay a small monthly fee for unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles. There are great VoIP packages around for you to find. At ATS we offer a free Yealink T40P with all Essential packages on a 36 month contract.

2. Simplified conferencing

Without the need for dedicated phone lines, phone conferencing is simplified considerably. Traditional phone systems allow for conferencing, but you’ll end up paying for an additional service and hosting multiple callers each time you need to conference.

With VoIP systems, these features are typically native and the cost is built into the already lower price of the VoIP service that you’re already paying for.

An additional benefit from VoIP conferencing is that it makes video conferencing a lot simpler as well.

3. Worldwide access

More employers are finding out the benefits of having their staff work from home in exchange for smaller office spaces, decreased utilities costs, etc.

What they’re also discovering are the benefits of VoIP that allow their employees to telecommute so effectively. VoIP technology has become extremely portable, allowing users to connect from home offices and abroad. What’s more is that your employee’s number follows them to their new home office when

4. Better use of bandwidth

One of the smaller benefits of VoIP is that it makes more efficient use of your existing bandwitdh. Due ot roughly half of voice conversations being made up of silence, VoIP continues to fill those information gaps with other data from other bandwidth consumers to make better use of your resources. 

5. Extensive additional features

May businesses don’t realise the amount of features and benefits that are included in a VoIP system. Increasing productivity by connecting to a wide range of devices from VoIP handsets, mobiles, tablets and desktops.

Features typically include caller ID, virtual numbers, contact list, voicemail, call ques, auto attendants and much more. These features can be used in ways which boost productivity. For examle, voicemails and messages can be forwarded to multiple colleagues with a single click, and voicemail to text transcriptions so they can be sent directly to your inbox so they can be reviewed on the go.

6. Network flexibility

Your IT team will enjoy its underlying network needing not be a part of a specific technology layout. That means your existing ethernet, SONET, ATM, or even your WiFi can be used as the foundation for your network.

The complexity of PSTN (traditional) phone networks is virtually eliminated. This allows for a more standardised system to be implemented that 

supports a variety of communication types while being more tolerant of faults and requiring less management of equipment.

7. Fax over IP

Most VoIP providers will include fax over IP as part of their service. Fax over IP eliminates the high costs of long distnaced facsimile, as we as improving compatability between machines and reliability service.

Once again fax information is transmitted via data packets that dramatically improve efficiency. On top of that a VoIP system doesn’t even require a fax machine to send or recieve fax.

8. More effective communication

With the world working from various points within the office, their home or around the world, keeping them in reach is critical to the running of your business. 

VoIP allows you to set up a specific call forwarding feature which allows you to set it up so your office phone rings for two rings before ringing your mobile phone, tablet or laptop if the call goes unanswered. This way you can make sure the urgent calls are answered more often and less time spent checking voicemal or corresponding over other platforms.

9. Highly reliable

One of the most common questions we get is “what if the internet goes down?”. If the internet goes down it will mean your VoIP phone wont ring but the other devices you have set up will, such as your mobile phone.

This is the flexability that VoIP offers you in all situations. Even if you have power outages, your mobiles will stil ring and you can keep your business running as normal.

10. Ease of installation, configuration and maintance

One of our customers favourite benefits of our VoIP services is that that it is easy to install, even for those less tech savy. There is no need for technicians running wiring throughout your office. Instead, plug the phones in and away you go. 

This is also another factor in saving costs. Paying for an engineer for half a day to wire up an office doesn’t come cheap!

VoIP software makes it extremely easy to add new users, while web portals make moving, adding or changing a users configuration much simplier. All of this means maintenance is straightforward and rarely requires professional support. 

11. Scalability

Efficient business systems scale with the needs of the business, whether we are looking at IT SupportCloud Storage or VoIP systems. Scalability is one of the benefits of VoIP that supports your efficiency and productivity while remaining highlu cost effective and saving you a lot of money in the future.

Hiring a new employee? VoIP allows you to add a line as and when you need them. You will only be paying for what you need.

12. Intergrations

Another luxury is how VoIP systems intergrates with systems and technoligies like CRMs (Hubspot) and other important third party systems. 

That means you’ll realise all of the benefits of VoIP without requiring modification of your existing applications or IT infrastructure. For example, outbound calls can be placed via Outlook or other email systems and customer records can even be viewed during the inbound call with said customer.

Next Steps

As you can see from the lists above, VoIP systems have plenty of benefits that can help your businesses communications and help cut down costs.

If you would like to know more about VoIP or how our bespoke VoIP system ‘eve‘ can help your business then contact us today on 01903 357002.

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