How secure is our VOIP system?

What does it mean to keep a VoIP telephone service safe? Safety and security mean two things to us, our customers – connection safety and the safety of customer data/usage.

Here at Arun Tech Support, we want our customers to feel confident we are giving our clients an extremely reliable and robust service. That means no downtime, no data breaches, or fraudulent acts.

You rely on us to provide a secure reliable telephone service without the risk of fraud. Read on to find out how we achieve that.

Reliability Assured

For your busy customers, a loss of phone lines could be catastrophic. Not just an annoyance. We get it – reliability is key when it comes to VoIP services and unlike some other providers, we’re confident enough in our solution and backup practices to guarantee a minimum of 99.9% availability of our hosted telephone switchboard system.

Here’s how we can make that promise:

  • Each customer has a virtual switchboard server which is hosted on one of several physical servers in one of our data centres. Our physical servers are inherently fault-tolerant.
  • We keep a backup copy of each customer’s server configuration in at least two data centres.
  • If one of our servers fails, we attempt to restart it immediately using an automated mechanism. If the automatic restart does not work, we start up a fresh standby server from a backup image. This process takes less than one hour.
  • If one of our data centres were to suffer a major catastrophic failure of their equipment, we can switch all services to a secondary data centre.
  • For customers who require the highest possible level of failover contingency, we set up a hot standby server in a secondary data centre. Any changes to the configuration of the primary server are copied to the standby server immediately. If the primary server fails, we can switch the customer’s service to the standby server within 10 minutes.

Call Fraud Protection

Hackers and scammers will try to exploit any technology possible and even VoIP hasn’t been immune in the past.

Call fraud is when a criminal manages to piggyback off a VoIP system to make calls. This can be to commit further fraud using your customers’ telephone number or simply because they don’t fancy paying for their own VoIP solution!

Fortunately, call fraud is quite easy to detect for us and we have three levels of protection to ensure your customers don’t fall victim to a scammer.

  • Our carrier maintains a blacklist of popular call destinations which fraudsters use. They alert us immediately to any unusual traffic from a customer’s telephone numbers so that we can investigate.
  • We set a daily spend limit on each customer’s account. By default, this is set to £10 in 24 hours. This limit can be increased if appropriate. Our system sends us an automatic alert if the customer exceeds their 24-hour limit. We also have an option to automatically cut off block further outgoing calls if the spend limited is reached.
  • To make calls through our system, a fraudster would need to gain access to a customer’s telephone connection details on a switchboard server. We protect against this by applying strong randomly generated passwords to each connection and each server. We recommend that these passwords are either left unchanged or, if they need to be changed, you use our random password generator.

If for some reason fraudulent calls do occur (unlikely!), then your customer will not incur any penalties or have to pay for the calls – unless the fraud occurred due to their security lapse or system misuse.

Our Promises

We pride ourselves on our commitment to reliability and security. Here are our guarantees:

  • Guaranteed minimum of 99.9% availability of our hosted telephone switchboard system
  • A switch to our backup server within one hour should we experience main server loss
  • Customer will not incur financial losses due to fraudulent calls being made from their account unless the fraud was due to customer negligence
  • Guaranteed safe numbers – customers telephone numbers will never be released or sold to anyone
  • Telephone calls and recordings are kept completely private and secure
  • Smooth, safe, fuss-free transition to another service provider should the customer request it

If you are interested in our VoIP services with a guaranteed secure solution, then get in touch today.

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