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How to test broadband speed

We live in a world which near enough everything uses some form of internet signal. Confirming that out internet signal is one of the most impotent aspects when it comes to your business and how it functions. So the question is, how do you test your internet speed?

To test your broadband speed you can use our broadband speed check tool to get a snapshot of your current download and upload speed. There’s no charge, so do as many tests as you like. We encourage you to do as many as you can (and at different times/days) to build a more accurate overall picture of the speeds you are getting and gives your provider and insight as to what is happening.

One thing to keep in mind is speed tests are not definitive nor do they show you what speeds you should be getting. Multiple variables can come into play that effect your broadband speed.

This test is designed for broadband connections of all types, including mobile broadband and smartphones, and is compatible with all major web browsers on desktop, mobile, and gaming platforms.Ready to buy a new broadband package? Enter a postcode to see the best deals in your area.

How does the broadband speed test work? 

Our broadband speed test measures is performed by measuring the time it takes for the server to reply to a request from the user’s client. The client sends a message to the server, upon receiving that message, the server sends a reply back. The round-trip time is measured is measured in ms (milliseconds). This test is repeated multiple times with the lowest value determining the final result. This provides a simple, clear, real-world measurement of broadband speed. 

The test provides accurate measurements of download and upload speeds for any type of broadband connection by dynamically assessing the speed and automatically adjusting in order to achieve the maximum throughput of the line. Data transferred during the test is not saved to your computer.

Is the broadband speed checker free?

ATS Connection’s internet speed test is completely free and always will be. We feel it’s important for all internet users to be able to get a quick internet speed result so they can see what speeds they are receiving. Not sure what speed you should be receiving? Call us on 01903 357002 to find out.

What is the best way to test internet speed? 

Before using the broadband speed check you should close all other programs and disconnect or switch off any other devices in your household. When possible, connect to the broadband router with a network (ethernet) cable. If using Wi-Fi you should stand next to the router and not use any signal boosters. Speeds can vary during the day, so test at different times to get a more accurate picture of your broadband speed. Remember to take a note of both download and upload speeds.

Why is the speed I get different from the speed advertised?

Get told one thing from your broadband provider and getting something different on there speed results? There are a number of reasons why the speed test may report a different figure to the speed advertised when you signed up for the broadband.

Home broadband is advertised with an “average” download speed which is achieved by 50% of customers, but of course, your connection could be slower (or faster) than average depending on various variables in the environment. 

But there are other reasons why the connection might be slower than expected. Software running on your device and other users sharing the connection will all impact the test. Wi-Fi can be slower than a cabled connection, while old house wiring can affect home broadband speeds (try to be sure your router is plugged into your main BT master socket). Your supplier may also prioritise different types of broadband traffic. And mobile internet is heavily dependant on having a strong signal and can be noticeably slower in busy areas. The router your broadband provider has supplied you could also be an older version or even a cheap underperforming router.

What now?

So you have ran the speed test multiple times but are still finding your speeds are less than what you were told by your broadband provider? While there are multiple variables that can come into play, you are entitled to your minimum download speed (more information here) offered by your provider. In fact, you can now easily get out of your contract if it is proven that you are not receiving the speeds mentioned to you when signing up.

Broadband can be a problem for many households, especially rural. But ATS Connection offer lighting fast speeds at a cost effective price, while offering local support for the times you need us. Check out our broadband information page here.

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