Dealing with an influx of calls

COVID-19 restrictions have resulted in many businesses experiencing an influx of inbound calls. Whether it’s rearranging bookings, making appointments, or general customer support requests, keeping your customers happy is essential. 

Call Queue

My call queuing feature means callers can be placed in a queue in the event that all of your team are busy. You can enable comfort messaging, music, or even allow them to automatically request a call back.

Automatic Call Distribution

Evenly distribute calls to queues, bespoke recordings or specific team members. Directing calls to the right person means that the customer experience is as smooth as possible and that queries are dealt with in the most efficient manner. 


Use the time while your customers wait to tell them about your new products or services, invite them to events or even just reassure them that their call will be answered soon. You can also have a message to announce what place the caller is in the queue and the average wait time for their call to be answered.


It is always hoped that all calls can be answered, but in the instance where it’s not possible, a voicemail should be used to maintain professionalism. 

Call Recording

It’s important that you keep a record of calls. These can be used for enhancing customer service and for training purposes, as well as to refer back to, if a dispute were ever to happen.

Ensuring that you maintain exceptional customer service during these times is crucial. If you’d like to find out more about setting up your phone system for the best service, email us

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