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Top tips on keeping motivated while working from home

First of all, it’s fundamental that you have the right internet connection. Most businesses depend on the internet to operate, so think about what would happen to productivity if your connection couldn’t cope with what you’re trying to achieve. 

Ensuring seamless communication with your colleagues and customers is also essential when working from home. Just because you’re unable to physically be in a room with your colleagues, it doesn’t mean you should have to stop communicating. Software that has instant messaging capabilities, as well as access to a full list of your team members, can help you get quick answers, just as you could face to face. 

Keeping track of all communication you have with customers is important and this should not slip off the radar when working away from the office. CRM Integration can mean that any calls made from mobiles/softphones can be logged within the CRM with ease, just as they would in the office. eve offers CRM Integration that can enable you to maintain quality customer service, from wherever you need to work. 

Separating working from your home life is essential. Wherever possible, be sure to work from a separate room, rather than one you associate with relaxing, to ensure your brain is not tempted to confuse the two.

If you’d like to find out more about how eve can enable you to work from home, email info@atsconnections.co.uk

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