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The future of business phones.

Are you in charge of a business in London? With our leading VOIP business telephone systems, you can communicate clearly with everyone you need to, wherever you are.

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How can VoIP help your business?

Business has evolved, so have the demands for 24/7 communications.

The scale and pace of business change is accelerating and the customer really does have a wide and informed choice, so we need to be agile and responsive.

The office desk has been replaced by a reception area, a hotel room, the sofa, a neighbouring coffee shop, a car, an aircraft, or a train, fueling the demand to stay connected. Eve’s purpose is to help your London-based business adapt and grow. Eve’s voice is magnificent in every manner, and the possibilities are endless.

  • Managed monthly costs
  • Smartphone & desktop integration
  • High call quality
  • Voicemail to email

  • Call queues
  • User friendly

Helping a customer

Improve collaboration and efficiency with a VoIP Phone Phone System today!

Standard features include voicemail to email, call recording, call queuing and conference calling

VoIP features that are lightyears ahead.

There’s no need to contemplate a VoIP system when our core platform has the intelligence, scalability, and flexibility to help your company thrive in the modern digitally led business market.

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Mobile app & desktop portal


Core System

Call Handling

Call centre function





Number Management

Call Recording

Three simple licences

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All of the packages provide the essential phone system functions to meet the needs of your business. This system is designed to handle all of your business needs, from making and receiving calls to voicemail and music-on-hold.

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Exceptional. Voice. Everywhere.

An intelligent cloud-baAn intelligent cloud-based IP telephony solution that assures the finest possible speech quality on every call, no matter where it is made. Highly versatile, really easy to use, and always available. Our VoIP phone service helps you get the most out of your business’s telecommunications. Contact us here to move your business forward with the Eve VoIP phone system in London.

• eve is a Next generation, cloud based communication and collaboration platform

• Proven Mitel technology, supported by Cisco and Oracle

• Bespoke Portal

• Range of handsets and Apps

• Compact licence structure and Bolt-Ons

• Wide range of features, including collaboration and call centre

Our promise

We’re determined to being one of the best telecoms companies in London and beyond. We want to improve the efficiency of your business, make your life easier, and increase your productivity.

From the very first phone call through to the after support we offer, ATS Connection are here with you.

  • Smooth, quick set up
  • Business continuity solution
  • Features that are easily controllable
  • Managed transition
  • Competitive VOIP pricing
  • Transparent monthly billing
  • 24//7 fault monitoring
  • Dedicated account managed

Sound too good to be true? Get in touch with us to see how we can fulfil our promise.

Our eve VOIP phone system works the way you want, wherever you go.

Common Questions

Can VoIP do everything a traditional phone system can?

Designed to go beyond traditional phone systems, not replicate them. You will find eve has a range of capabilities which are exceptional and can also keep you safe from fraud.

What happens if my business changes shape or location?

eve is everwhere. So you can keep track of your numbers and have access to services no matter where you are or how big your business becomes.

How can VoIP make my business be more successful?

VoIP can help your teams to work seamlessly and share information, wherever they are and I can also make sure that your customers can speak to you when they need to.

Will VoIP work alongside my other office systems?

eve is super friendly and can interact with CRMs and office software, such as Outlook, without causing any friction.

What are the benefits of VoIP?

From improved productivity, remote working, scalability and a lower cost than the traditional phone line, the benefits of VoIP are huge and you can find out more here.

Can I keep my number?

99% of numbers can be transferred to ATS connection, hassle free and taken care of by us.

ISDN switch off

Traditional phone lines are going digital!

Traditional phone lines are being taken off in favour of VoIP/hosted telephony, which is rapidly becoming the new standard. Now is the time to set up your business with a digital phone line, as the switch-off is expected to be done by 2025.

For a more in-depth overview about the 2025 switch off, what it means for your business, and whether to make the switch earlier with a possible cost saving, read our ISDN switch off page.

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