Work from home – work from anywhere

Your average office life, 9-5 structure has been shaken over the last few years with millennials and Gen Z demanding more flexibility and a better work life balance. The pandemic has certainly added to this shake up, since we’ve been forced to adapt, with evidence showing that a flexible work approach is achievable.

But where do we go from here?

We now know that the technology and ability to work from home is extremely realistic in certain roles, can we push this to a ‘work from anywhere’ approach? Why limit this to just home when you can work on the go, in a coffee shop, or whilst out and about?

Introducing a hybrid flexible working approach gives your employees the best of all worlds, all whilst being as productive as possible. With the latest technology offering high quality video calling, content sharing, collaborative whiteboard sessions, chats and so much more, colleagues can stay connected, regardless of their device or location.

New talent will want a workplace that offers such flexibility, so don’t be caught behind with stagnant technology. Introduce a fresh innovative phone system, like eve, so your staff can be exceptional everywhere.

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