Making your video conference as productive as possible

Working remotely has been the norm for a lot of people for almost a year now, since the pandemic hit. Working from anywhere apart from the office was always seen as a perk and a trendy new incentive, but one year on video call fatigue is hitting and lots of people are losing the drive that was once thriving. 

So how can you help boost your video calls to make them as useful as possible?

We’ve pulled together some tips and guidance to running a really successful video conference. Following these helpful tips will hopefully ensure your meeting runs smoothly – although we can’t guarantee that the doorbell won’t ring, or that your child won’t come asking for a snack!

Choose the best software for your business

There are so many different applications available when it comes to video conferencing, but how do you choose which is right for your business? Look at the packages on offer and all of the amazing features that come along with it.

Easy to join

Having multiple device choices available from your software allows it to become more accessible to anyone. Whether you’re joining from your computer at your desk, or mobile on a walk, you want to be reachable from everywhere. Clear and simple joining instructions are key in starting your meeting off in the right tone.

Good connection

It seems obvious, but so important! There is nothing more disruptive than a bad connection – glitches, lags and alien like voices. Ensure your team have the best connection possible to eliminate all avoidable distractions.

Strong agenda

When sending over your meeting invitation, set out a clear agenda so everyone can be prepped and ready. Follow up with meeting notes, like you would in the office to make sure you’ve achieved everything you wanted.

Encourage participation

Using an application which allows interactive tasks can help make your session become a little different and much more engaging. Encourage everyone to take part and turn their cameras on, but still be mindful that this isn’t normal for some and this can still be uncomfortable.

Time conscious

Keep it as short as possible – but not so short that it could have been an email.  It’s much easier for our attention spans to become shorter when on a video call than a real-life meeting, so by keeping an eye on the time you’ll be able to capture your audience for the key parts.

Record for reference

Choose software which allows your session to be recorded, so that you and others can refer back to check notes and actions. This can also be really helpful to share if someone was unable to join at the time.

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