Lady on phone at hotel reception
receptionist on VoIP phone

How can VoIP help grow your hotel?

VoIP phone systems are jam packed with features to benefit hotels of all shapes and sizes.

Although VoIP systems have been rising in popularity for decades, many company and hotel owners have yet to adopt this new technology. Regrettably, the longer hoteliers wait, the further behind they will fall.

Consumers are accustomed to fast-paced technology; they do everything online or on their smartphones, and they demand the same level of service and innovation from the businesses they visit, including hotels. You can accelerate your business and attract new guests better than ever before if you can fulfil your clients’ growing needs. Here’s how VoIP can assist you.

Lower costs

Because VoIP phone systems share the same internet infrastructure as your regular internet service, you won’t have to pay two separate utility bills. Furthermore, because VoIP phones do not require the same hardware as traditional telephone lines, you can add or remove lines you aren’t using on the fly using your VoIP provider’s software interface. You don’t even need a physical handset; instead, you can create a new phone number and have it ring your manager’s mobile, so the additional cost is none.

VoIP also provides flexibility, which can help you save money. Long-distance calls are substantially cheaper than analogue calls to other countries since they are routed through the internet rather than the PSTN (which is slowly being switched off), which is a critical feature for many hotels with international guests. Paper faxing can be almost eliminated because VoIP systems can be effortlessly connected with your computer system.

receptionist on VoIP phone

Improved mobility

Face-to-face interaction with visitors is one of the most crucial components of hotel management, but your staff can’t provide the finest service if they’re chained to a desk. With a VoIP system, you may install software on a smartphone or tablet that connects to a Bluetooth headset, allowing your employees to wander freely and speak with customers without ever leaving their phones.

Even better, a phone call does not have to interrupt a conversation with a guest. With seamless forwarding, the employee who answers the phone may simply transfer the call to a less-busy employee, ensuring that your guests receive the attention they deserve.

Managers will benefit from the enhanced mobility as well. You may respond to issues that require your personal attention while keeping an eye on the hotel’s inner workings without missing a call because you can wander around freely. Best of all, no one needs to remember the manager’s mobile number; simply create a “manager” number in your VoIP system and arrange it to automatically forward based on who is working at the moment.

Advanced features

Because hotels generally operate on thin profit margins, anything you can do to increase efficiency is helpful. The advanced features of a VoIP phone system might be extremely beneficial in this regard.

Not only can you connect your phones to your computer system, enabling features like online check-in, automated wake-up calls, and personalised voicemail in each room. The more features like this you can add, the better your visitor experience will be and the more you’ll be able to expand.

receptionist on VoIP phone

“Using a VoIP phone system has been one of the best decisions I have made for my hotel”

Better productivity

Many tasks in a hotel’s day-to-day operations are repetitive and tedious to your employees, such as organising wake-up calls, printing room keys, and answering basic enquiries regarding restaurant hours. Many of these processes may be performed considerably more efficiently with a modern VoIP system and digital PBX.

This will allow your team to focus on the far more valuable work of providing good guest experiences. The cornerstone of any hotel stay is in-person engagement, but your workers won’t have time to talk to guests if they’re also working at a desk. Your staff will be more productive and satisfied with their work if they can wander around the hotel helping visitors in person, and your hotel will profit.